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PLD for engaging & innovative 21st Century Classrooms


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PLD Pilot Opportunities
Dungeons & Dragons

Our D&D PLD stream delves deep into the realms of LITNUM skills, harnessing the power of engaging character design, immersive storytelling, and collaborative gameplay. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) universe, we equip educators with innovative tools to cultivate literacy and numeracy in meaningful ways.

Through ‘Engagement Learning,’ educators uncover the transformative potential of interactive narratives, digital storytelling, and gamification techniques. Including options to explore 3D printing.  Whether exploring the depths of Minecraft’s educational landscapes or strategizing in esports environments, educators learn to seamlessly integrate literacy and numeracy concepts into captivating learning experiences.

The majority of our programmes can be delivered in Te Reo Māori.

Digital Wellbeing, esports &

Through our PLD programme, educators can choose to delve into the exciting world of esports, where they learn to integrate elements of teamwork, strategy, and critical thinking into their teaching methods. They can explore critical digital wellbeing practices, ensuring ākonga and educators better understand how to develop a healthy relationship with technology, explore Virtual Reality and other online platforms.

Another highlight of our programme is the exploration of this PLD Programme Stream is understanding how to better utilise Minecraft as a powerful educational tool. Educators can explore how to leverage Minecraft’s creative potential to engage students in collaborative projects, foster creativity, and enhance problem-solving skills.

The majority of our programmes can be delivered in Te Reo Māori.

Digital Natives Academy is the first ever digital and creative tech non-profit in Aotearoa. Established in 2014, we have successfully navigated Aotearoa’s ever fluid education landscape. We founded Native Tech, an NZQA accredited Tertiary Education Organisation, launched Native Industries, a professional media design studio focused on career pathways into creative tech and helped establish Te Papatipu Matihiko, the first ever whare based bespoke hub model for engaging hard to reach ākonga. 

DNA is a an accredited PLD provider and can deliver on all 7 priorities in English and Te Reo Māori.
OUtcomes & Impact

Over the last 10 years we have sought to better understand the importance of digital and creative tech to help inspire the next generation of digital leaders. Our extensive experience on the ground tells us what we do works, we have over an 81% attendance rate with the hardest to reach ākonga, and currently have a 85% completion rate in levels 1-2.

We have successfully integrated LITNUM using D&D have a complete programme that allows educators to access our teacher’s guides, NZQA Framework with fun and engaging PLD to walk educators through how to effectively implement these activities in Mainstream, Kura Kaupapa, Ngā Kura ā Iwi, Wharekura, microschools and homeschools. 

OUR PLD Pilot Programmes
Our programmes provide exciting and innovative ways for teachers, whānau and parents to weave together unique learning frameworks into their
classrooms, microschools and homes.

In particular our areas of focus are Dungeons & Dragons (DnD), esports, digital wellbeing and Minecraft and how these contexts can ignite our ākonga’s love of learning. We offer hands-on experiences for educators allowing them to better understand how to integrate these into our curriculum while providing insights into industry pathways, content creation, and digital and creative tech and how to weave this all into learning activities, while promoting STEAM education and digital literacy and fluency.

Digital Natives Academy, our accredited MOE PLD provider is able to deliver across all seven priorities that underpin regionally-allocated PLD.  DNA works with Te Papatipu Matihiko, Native Tech and with a number of highly experienced registered teachers, curriculum developers, industry experts and esports leaders who all are at the forefront of providing effective, exciting and interactive professional learning and development opportunities for educators across a range of learning environments including Ngā Kura a Iwi, Wharekura,
Kura Kaupapa, Special Character and Mainstream Schools. 

To express your interest in working with us to incorporate these initiatives into your classroom and inspire your ākonga to
explore their passions and achieve their goals, please fill out the following form.

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